Rojana Nong Yai Industrial Estate

       Rojana Nong Yai Industrial Estate has development area of 2,300 rai, equivalent to 5,500 mu. Furthermore, it is currently in the preparatory stage of development and is an emerging industrial estate approved by the Ministry of Industry of Thailand and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Planning. The Industrial Estate is planned to be constructed with general industrial manufacturing areas, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, high-voltage substations, and living commercial areas and other functional areas and supporting facilities to provide sufficient water and electricity protection for enterprises entering the park.

     investment enterprises are photovoltaic electronics, rubber products, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, logistics and storage, renewable resources, metal deep processing and other industries, and strive to build a modern environmental protection industrial park. The focus of investment promotion is Chinese-funded enterprises.


Investment advantages of Rojana Nong Yai Industrial Park

Strategic location

Rojana Nong Yai Industrial Estate is only 60 kilometers from Thailand’s famous Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port and 100 kilometers from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. It is adjacent to National Highway 344 and is located in the industrial cluster area of Thailand’s auto parts and automobile manufacturing bases, sea and road. The air traffic is smooth and convenient, and the geographical position is very superior.

Perfect Infrastructure Guarantee

Rojana Nong Yai Industrial Estate is another brand new industrial estate in Chonburi Province after the successful development of 6 industrial zones in Thailand by Rojana Industrial Park Group. With 30 years of successful experience in serving 500 large-scale enterprises worldwide, and the background of its strength as a large listed company in Thailand, Rojana continues to provide "high-quality parks, professional management, and high-quality services" as its mission. The project will be launched for Rojana in 2021.

Enjoy double investment discounts

Rojana Nong Yai Industrial Estate is located in the EEC area of emerging investment encouraged by the government. Therefore, in addition to enjoying the seven investment preferential policies granted by the Thailand Investment Promotion Committee, companies can also enjoy EEC investment preferences in the Eastern Economic Corridor of Thailand, for example: on the basis of enjoying the 100% exemption of corporate income tax period granted by BOI, another 1 to 50% corporate income tax relief for 3 years.

Low Labor Costs

Rojana Nong Yai Industrial Estate is located in the area of Nong Yai, Chonburi Province. The surrounding industries of the project are developed. The commercial and living facilities are widely distributed and fully equipped. The large-scale shopping mall, Nong Yai Town Hospital, Nong Yai Market, Patana Golf Club, and restaurants Bars are distributed within 5-8 kilometers of the project. In addition, around the park, there are supporting development and construction of rental dormitory apartment buildings.

Park position


Highway no.344 Tambol Hang Sung, Nong Phai Kaeo, Amphur Ban Bueng, Chonburi


North Latitude 13.171838413791654

East Latitude 101.30425607166907

Park Area

1,987.61 rai



Laem Chabang
Deep Sea Port


Pattaya City


Map Ta Phut deep sea port


Rayong City


International Airport


Downtown Bangkok



Electricity supply

Substations of Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA) of 50 MW located nearby and inside the estate , which can transmit 22 KV and 115 KV

Water supply

1. Provided by East Water Supply Group

2. Self-built reservoir in the park: 450,000 cubic meters of reserves

Total water supply: 6,400 cu.m./day,
Standard water supply: 4 cu.m./Rai

Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment plant treatment capacity plant 6,400 cubic meters / day

(Note: The total amount of sewage treatment is calculated based on 80% of the total water supply)

Natural Gas supply

Available from PTT Public Company Limited : Tel. +66 (0) 2537 1944

Telecom Network

Adopted high-speed ADSL, ISDN network,
the supplier provides Thai telecommunications
Company TOT, TT&T or CAT.

rights and interests

Security Medical

1. Government hospitals provide healthcare services

2. Central monitoring system, security personnel on duty 24 hours patrol

3. Laying high-pressure fire hydrants in the park

-3 to 8 years of corporate income tax exemption

-Exemption of import duties on equipment and raw materials

-Allow foreign investors 100% ownership of the company

-Allow foreign businessmen to permanently hold and freely transfer

land title deeds

-Allow the employment of foreign experts and skilled workers

-Allow foreign exchange to enter and exit freely